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Johannes Daners (associate)

Johannes Daners, born 1980, studied law at the Albertus Magnus University in Cologne. During his studies he participated in the national Moot Court Student Competition organized by the European Law Students Association (EL§A), from which he emerged as the national champion for 2003 after the final at the Federal High Court of Justice.  

Johannes Daners completed his first state law examination in 2006 at the Higher Regional Court of Cologne and his second state law examination in 2008 at the Higher Regional Court of Düsseldorf.

After admission to the German Bar Association in 2009, Johannes Daners first focused on copyright law, competition law, and criminal law until he began his concentration entirely on criminal law in 2010. Since 2013 he has been working as an associate in the law firm of Pauka, von Dreden & Link.

Besides his work in criminal law, Johannes Daners also specialized in the field of sports law and sports disciplinary law. In addition to his legal work, he has performed volunteer work since 2008 as the vice-chairman of the sports court for the Soccer Association of the Lower Rhine Region.

He is a member of the Cologne Lawyers' Association (KAV), the German Lawyers' Association (DAV), and the Committee for Criminal Law in the DAV.

Johannes Daners is a lawyer specializing in criminal law.