Commercial Criminal Law


Commercial criminal law is the special focus of our work at the law firm of Pauka, von Dreden & Link due to our personal experience and the make-up of our clientele.   

The increasing importance of this legal field is reflected in some media reports about spectacular cases. Today, companies, their board members, and employees face expert offices of public prosecution and police units which do not refrain from investigating the company management directly for suspected company-related crimes. The first contact with investigative authorities is often through large-scale search and seizures ("raids") with far-reaching consequences in the media. If we keep in mind the increasing sanctions imposed on the corporate entities involved, it is ever more important to eliminate risks in criminal law through preventative consultation and appropriate compliance measures.  

Under commercial crimes, we understand not only certain crimes typically committed in economic transactions, but also company-related charges in general criminal law such as criminal product liability, occupational accidents, and proceedings against members of certain professional groups. In addition to the partial list of litigation areas provided, our expertise encompasses criminal proceedings and client consultation resulting from charges of breaching fiduciary duties, fraud, corruption in the public and private sectors, and, among other matters, criminal law pertaining to competition, customs, foreign trade, the environment, food products, and labor.