General Criminal Law


As a criminal law office focusing on commercial criminal law, we offer our clients, even if they are not from a corporate environment, a comprehensive approach to client defense and consultation in general criminal law.

In the process, particular emphasis has developed in terms of capital crimes due to our changing clientele which requires special attention and knowledge due to custody circumstances which normally exist when we accept the case and the imminent punishment of up to lifetime imprisonment.

Our attorneys have extensive forensic experience in all areas of basic criminal law such as

–    in capital crimes (murder, manslaughter), –    in asset crimes (fraud, theft, receiving stolen property, robbery, extortion), –    in narcotics law and pharmaceutical law, –    in traffic violations (hit-and-runs, DUI).

Although we are of the opinion that all defendants have the right to defense counsel in accordance with due process of law, the general criminal law department at Pauka, von Dreden & Link, as a matter of basic principle, does not accept cases involving certain offenses, such as crimes against children or crimes committed out of extremist or terrorist convictions.