Ombudsman / Whistle-Blowing Systems


As part of our work in criminal compliance, Pauka, von Dreden & Link also offers services in establishing and implementing whistle-blowing systems which are a highly effective means, if not the most effective means of uncovering regulatory violations in companies. In particular, the whistle-blowing system involves the possibility of dealing in advance with information on regulatory violations directed towards a company (such as breach of fiduciary duties or fraud to the disadvantage of a company) so that damage is not inflicted on the company – and that information involving other regulatory violations (e.g. employee offenses such as bribery in business transactions, problems involving the criminal labor law, etc.) does not reflect back negatively on the company.    

The purpose of this system is to assist companies in not paying fines in criminal offenses according to Section 130 of the Regulatory Law which allows fines to be imposed on companies which violate their regulatory duties. Moreover, by recognizing regulatory violations in advance it is possible for the most part to prevent problems from reaching the outside world and to be resolved within the company itself.   

In addition to the implementation of a computer-supported whistle-blowing system, we offer the office of an independent ombudsman regardless of the size of the company through a lawyer who is required to maintain secrecy even in relation to the company itself if necessary. An outside whistle-blowing system reduces employees' inhibitions and also offers a confidential environment to give information anonymously.  

The ombudsman work at Pauka, von Dreden & Link is performed by attorney Heiko Manteuffel. Based on his years of experience as a public prosecutor, Heiko Manteuffel is ideally suited as an external ombudsman and to receive and process information from corporations. Since Heiko Manteuffel does not work on individual defense cases in contrast to our other attorneys, he offers potential whistle-blowers a highly confidential framework within which to report any misunderstandings.    

Our ombudsman

– receives information in a protective environment, – communicates with the whistle-blower, – passes on the information to the company, – provides a legal assessment of the facts of the case, – initiates the required investigation if necessary, – suggests recommendations for action, – and supports the company in its implementation.